Boy Scouts of America Instructions - Quote Page Help

    • Click Get A New Quote from the main landing page of
    • (When clicked, a new window will open for the login screen)
    • Login using your provided username and password
    • Enter your event/delivery date. Must be 00/00/0000 format
    • Select new or existing design from the Type dropdown
    • Select the desired shape from the Emblem Shape dropdown
    • Enter the width of the emblem to be quoted
    • Enter the height of the emblem to be quoted
    • *NOTE: both width and height must be entered prior to submitting the quote*
    • *For round & square emblems, width and height will be the same*
    • Enter a memorable description in the Description field as this will assist when you need to find the quote.
    • (instead of entering Quote 1 or some other generic name, enter Mecklenburg County Council, Pinewood Derby)
    • Select wholesale or retail from the Show Price dropdown, depending on the customer.
    • (Later in the application, you will be able to print out the quote for your customer, choose the price you want the customer to see.)
    • Click on the Add button
    • Scroll down to view the Quote Detail section and to enter additional information.
    • Enter the desired quantity in the field labeled Pieces.
    • Select twill or solid from the Embroidery dropdown.
    • Enter the number of colors in the field labeled Colors.
    • Choose any additional add‐ons that you need (i.e. metallic threads, button loops, fob (key chain) and/or metallic borders).
    • Simply click the box to choose add‐ons (a checkmark will appear).
    • Select your border type (merrow or laser) from the Border dropdown.
    • Click on the Submit button.
    • The Web Quote Application provides all previously entered information as well as your current quote broken down by Order By Dates
    • (The closer to the delivery date the order is placed, the more expensive the emblem will be.)
    • Clicking the Printable Version link will open a new window with the same information that can easily be printed and give to the customer for their records.
    • Clicking the New Quote link brings you back to the initial Add/Edit Quote field as well as to the listing of your existing quotes
    • From Here
You can:
  1. Update/View and existing quote by clicking on the number to the left of the Customer name in the Existing Quote table.
  2. Create a new quote using the Add/Edit Quote table.
  3. Logout of the application